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Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Spent the weekend in Texas. It was so much fun. I always get sad when I first get back. I love spending time with my family. The weather was pretty crazy, but we had a perfectly beautiful day yesterday which we used to lounge around the pool until we had to go to the airport. We visited the Art Festival in Fair Park (Dallas). Some of the stuff was awesome, but a lot of it just looked like the artists phoned it in. (ie. massed produced it so that they had lots of stuff to sell to the art-junkies.) Last night when we got back into Denver, we were caught in the super-heavy down pour and then hail. We were soaking wet when we got to the car. Crazy May weather.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2001

I've been working hard all day. Blah blah. It looks like the weather is great today. I can see the mountains and the foothills clearly. Two hours from now, I'll be running. I'm getting back into it and don't dread it as much as I used to. This happens every May and I can't explain it. I really need to get some new running shoes. I'm sure my enthusiasm will die off in the coming weeks.

In other news, my new plants are living! They're living. It's a miracle - well, yeah, it's MiracleGro. :)

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Monday, May 21, 2001

Okay Jon-Paul's birthday came and went. I still haven't gotten him anything.
Roswell was on tonight - season finale. It might have been series finale but UPN has picked up the show. (yay) Anyway, Tess didn't die as I had read in a gossip column. She just went away to their planet with Max's baby. What a bummer. Some of the show was good, some of it was cheezy. At least they're bringing Liz and Max back together. I think that's all anyone wanted anyway. I can't imagine that anyone liked the Tess character. That actress should be proud of her performance. She was hated by our household and friends of our household.

Avs beat the Blues. Colorado is going to the Stanley Cup, baby. Woot Woot.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2001

I have NO idea what to get Jon-Paul for his birthday. It's tomorrow. He says he wants to go sky diving....but I honestly don't want to give him that as a gift. I'm trying to talk him into a tattoo instead. Why are the people that you care most about that hardest to shop for? He has everything he wants and I don't want to buy him something just to buy him something. That's just too materialistic. I'm all about greeting cards, so I already have one for him. It's the damn gift. After 8 years, you would think I would be better at thinking of gifts for him. It just gets harder each year. Ahhhh.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Molly and JP, Dad and Murphie Well, I was much more pleased with Roswell last night. It seems to be going back to more of the SciFi stuff. Good. And I just read that Tess is going to die. Even better.
The Avs won again last night. yay. Problem is, I can't watch the games when they're live. Whenever I watch an Avs game they start to lose. As soon as I leave the room, they score. It's really annoying. The only way I can see the game is when they air highlights on ESPN. What a bummer. I miss my puppies and can't wait to see them next weekend.

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Monday, May 14, 2001

The weekends go way too fast, that's what I say every Monday. It's soooooo true. On Saturday we went to the Rapids game. (Major League Soccer) We had fun. It's so disappointing how few people turn out for the games. Soccer is so much more of a "real" sport than baseball or football. There is real athletic ability out there on the soccer field. You really don't see FAT soccer players. Football and baseball are forgiving, you can be a fatty fat and still be considered a world-class athlete in baseball or football. Soccer is a whole different thing. It's real.

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Friday, May 11, 2001

There was a 1:05pm Rockies game yesterday. So, it took me longer than usual to get home. What a mess traffic can become, especially in the downtown area. I get so irritated because people are in such a rush, that they're rude and inconsiderate. No one lets anyone in. Well, okay the occasional hippie or twelve-stepper does, but those moms in the mini vans are the worst. The absolute worst. Don't take your kid to a 1pm baseball game if they need to be at soccer practice at 4pm. It ain't gonna happen sister. Use your noggin. Peace out.

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Thursday, May 10, 2001

Missing my family today. Some days it's worse than others. They're all over the country and I wish I could see them whenever I wanted. I wish we could all get together and have dinner whenver we wanted. I have the coolest family.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2001

I went for a walk with April and I said, "Wow, it smells like something's on fire." So, about 20 minutes later, we're heading back to the office, and guess what? A screaming fire engine passes us by. I'm like Steve Martin in Roxanne - without the big nose. Just call me Smeller Smellerston -- just don't call me smelly.

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I was running on the trail yesterday and I was thinking. Since I don't wear a walkman, I have no other choice but to think. I was inhaling the various smells of the trail and starting thinking about my incredibly strong sense of smell. My entire life revolves around smells. Everyone who knows me, knows how I smell everything. Candles, food, shampoos, clean clothes, people, etc. It's not something I can control. And although having this super power is sometimes difficult when I'm around particularly gross smells, I wouldn't ever give it up. I can smell things from so far away, it's scary. I know people by their smell. I'm pretty convinced that I could have been a dog in another life.
I'm feeling chatty today so, I'd bet that I'll be writing again later today. :)
Rock on, rock out.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2001

It's Tuesday. (and it's sunny) Yay...Monday is over and we're getting closer to the next weekend. I've been really tired lately for no particular reason. Watched Roswell last night. I know I'm probably too old to be watching that show, but I like it. I like it less lately. It seems to have lost its "magic". I don't know, for a while there it was really, really good. But lately it's almost been - dare I say it - boring. How can SciFi be boring? Somehow the writers who once had me glued to the TV, have lost their touch. We can't all be 100% on all the time, can we? Wanda at E! Online says that the show is moving to UPN. Maybe that will breathe new life into the show. Hope so, I want to see it do well. After the demise of "The Pretender" and "Freaks and Geeks", I can't handle another one of my shows going down the crapper.

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Saturday, May 05, 2001

Went out last night. I like beer. The Avs lost. (Colorado Avalanche hockey team) Brought my digital camera and took some pictures. Preserved the memories photographically. Its good to see people that you really like. :)
----->>>simple thoughts from me

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Friday, May 04, 2001

It's raining again. I can't believe it. Usually the rain sticks around for half a day at most. I guess this year Denver won't make the 300+ days of sunshine that it usually boasts. I'm really ready for summer. I need a tan. I need some new slip on shoes. Nothing fancy, another cheap standby like my $5 slip-ons would be great. The slip-ons are still in great condition, they just get really stinky after a while. Too much Lysol upkeep to wear them on a daily basis.
I need a dog.

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Thursday, May 03, 2001

Have you ever been to the Visibone color lab? It's pretty cool. You can play around with colors and decide what would look best on your own Web site. I am so glad that people create such wonderful applications and then put them on the Web to share with everyone else. Love it!

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Well, I'm trying out this blog thing, to see if I like it and to see if I want to put it on my own Web site. It was 84 degrees on Tuesday. It is snowing today. You gotta love spring, huh? Well, actually I don't. My favorite season is fall, then summer and then winter. Spring would actually be my least favorite, so in answer to my own question, no, apparently I don't love spring.

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