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Monday, May 17, 2004

Paint, Concert, and a Lost Voice

I finally finished the computer room. It is beautifully red. (Okay, since it was my first attempt at painting a room, there are some jagged edges and there will be some touching-up.) I am so glad that it is done.

On Saturday night I saw Puddle of Mudd and Kid Rock. Both were awesome!! I was really impressed by how great Puddle of Mudd sounded and as always, Kid Rock was just incredible. We had really good seats and the weather was nice. The only part that sucked for me was that I couldn't sing and scream because I had almost completely lost my voice. Still, it didn't stop me from singing.

Which made my voice even worse. I had almost no voice at all after the concert. You can't not sing along. Well, I can't anyway. On Sunday when I woke up, my voice was really bad. And throughout the day of yardwork and cleaning, I noticed something. I sing A LOT. And I make a lot of noises. How do I know? Because when I attempted to do either, I was met with missing pieces (octaves?) of my voice. It was really funny. I'd get some stupid tune in my head or want to sing along with something and it just wouldn't go. It happened all day and was really annoying. I also noticed that I talk to Lucy in a higher voice, that just didn't work at all with my loss of voice. I also found myself trying to make noises that I never really realized that I made. Jessica always told me I made a lot of noise, and until yesterday I don't think I quite realized how many. Ha! I don't know how the ladies with raspy voices go through life like this. I WANT MY VOICE BACK!!!

I also got my pitchfork out so that I could plant the wildflower seeds around the trees. Yay! I'm such a hippie.

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