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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Challenging Myself

A couple of years back I took Lucy to the dog park. At the time, she was my only dog and I felt that I was capable of bringing my rambunctious one-year-old-ish dog to one of her favorite places.

MAN, was I wrong.

I got her into that little corral where you take the leash off, and she jerked me so hard that I fell. Yes. In that tiny little 4ft. by 4ft. corral, she knocked my 5'8" self to the ground. Everyone in the park saw it and I felt like the largest dork that has ever scooped poop.

I was lying there flat on my face and she was springing around like a crack monkey, so I got myself to my knees and defeatedly opened the second gate to let her into the park. I got up and it literally felt like I just had the shit kicked out of me. My neck was killing me, my knees were bleeding down my legs and my arm was completely ripped up. How the frick does that happen on landscaping bark? Stupid mulch.

The next morning, I woke up with bruises everywhere including black-and-blue halos around the scabbed knees. My arm and back looked like I had been beaten with a bat. Welts the size of Cleveland. Needless to say, Lucy and I did not go back.

Until today.

While doing a yoga DVD, I decided that more torture was in order and turned to Hudson who was watching me in my backbend and said "I'm taking Lucy and you to the dog park."

The hardest part was getting them out of the car and calmed down when we first got there. Their combined weight is much heavier than mine and on the dirt path, they occasionally had me skating. I was terrified that I was going to fall, but eventually gained control.

And then we arrived at the corral.

Without incident, I got them in, unleashed, and released into their dusty paradise. They ran around like crazed lunatics and petered out within 20 minutes. And since then, all evening they've been beat. I love it.

I'm just psyched that I balled up and did it. It's nice to know that I can.

Here's my favorite pic I took while they were in the park:

Hudson found a frisbee

I didn't get too many great shots, but here's the whole set.

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