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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

One Day 'Til Kid Rock

Took a look at the website today....and saw a link to this interview with Kid Rock. You gotta respect a guy who knows how lucky he is:

"Q-7: If you could relive any moment in your career, would it be when you started taking off, or are you completely happy with where you are right now?
I'm completely happy with where I am now. I look forward to every day. I love what I'm doing. I try not to bitch about it. There's nobody more blessed than me right now. There's no way anyone in the world is having more fun than I am. I truly believe that.

I think that's a great way to live. You know and even if people want to take some shots too, I don't mind it so much."

It's weird. I haven't always been a Kid Rock fan --let alone a huge one-- until pretty recently. When he was hitting it big with "Cowboy" I really didn't care much for him. Then, one day back in like 2000 I downloaded some of his songs from Napster and realized that I really dug him. The album "Cocky" came out at a time when I was really depressed. It was one of the only things that could put me in a good place. I'd blast that CD in my car or my house and I'd feel instantly better. I can't describe it. Sing-screaming dirty lyrics made me feel better - imagine that. Must be genetic residue from being the daughter of one of the hugest Frank Zappa fans on the planet.

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