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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

State of the Kap

My flip flops are loud today. Not in the flip-flop flip-flop noise sense, but the soles are really hard and are loud to walk in. I also have goofball walking issues.

I hate the stupid HOA of my neighborhood. Yes, hate is a strong word. Yes, I mean hate.

Watched about 6 episodes of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" over the past three days. It's fantastic. Slow adopter, I know....Mom's been on the bandwagon since the get-go.

I need a new phone. Mine randomly shuts itself off. Frequently.

Feeling the chubbiest I've felt in a while. Need to do something about it. Must conjure motivation. This whole not-working-out-for-months-and-months thing is not faring well for me. I love the free time it gives me though. :-)

Having a super "I love dogs" phase. I feel so excited when I see a cutie. Miss mine. Can't wait to see them on Sunday.

Was updating my calendar and noticed my one-year follow up to my surgery appointment is a little over a month away. I hope beyond hope that the tumor didn't grow back. Am feeling a bit of anxiety, as such.

New TV season starts in about a month. I'm ready. Bring it.

Even sooner, Weeds starts next Monday. Yippee.

Like, Like, Like, Like a lot, Like, Like, and still searching....any ideas??? or votes? I'm leaning toward the can-can one. I kinda want to be a gangster maybe.

Feel like my shoulder is going to fall off. It needs help. But as always, I'm too self-conscious to get a massage.

Can't believe Stern is in replay again this week.

Still on the cookies....and pizza....and Pepsi.

Experienced what I believe was super-crazy heartburn on Saturday. I've never ever felt that before. It totally sucks. I pity those of you who experience it daily. OUCH!

Can't believe we're over a week into August. Where hath the summer gone? :-)

Am totally into Project Runway.

Miss Mom and Dad.

Going to jinx it by saying it, but probably sleeping a tiny bit more.

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