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Monday, April 16, 2007

A Bit About My Bad Ass Weekend

Let me start by saying that I spent the better part of last week eagerly anticipating going to Vail to see Kid Rock. When the concert was announced last month, I saw it as my goal, nay, my mission, to be there. Everyone wanted to go, but for one reason or another could not make it - except for rock stars Mike and Deanne. I bought the tickets the second they went on sale in March and Deanne hunted us down a "mystery property." What this meant, was that we were guaranteed a 2-bed, 2-bath condo with hot tub, kitchen, etc., but we wouldn't know exactly where we'd be staying until we got up there. It saved us a buttload of money so we took the risk.

Also, the local weather people were predicting an epic storm that was going to completely cripple Denver. In my mind, I knew it wouldn't hit us and we were gonna have clear roads on Saturday morning for the drive up. Damn, if I didn't wake up on Friday morning to nothing but a little cloudiness. I was stoked that my positive thinking paid off. Right there, I was sold on a positive outlook and optimism.

I started Friday night with a happy hour with work folk and then headed on over to another bar to rendezvous with a friend. Sparing you the details, let me just say I had a really super-fantastic late night. Woke up Saturday with my heart dancing. Not sure if that was caused by 3 hours sleep, the previous night's alcohol, the previous night's activity or the month-long anticipation of seeing Kid Rock. I'm gonna go ahead and take an educated guess, that it was a combination of all; with more than half of it being the Kid Rock part.

Opened the window - and holy hell if that sun wasn't shining brighter and happier than I could have even imagined.

Met up with Mike and Deanne and headed up to Vail. We got to the condo...and it was very cool. We definitely scored a deal. They too had a late Friday night of their own, so the three of us opted to skip the pre-game vodka. (Something none of us regret.) We headed over to the skimming contest. Now, for those of you who are not familiar, the skimming contest involves contestants skiing or boarding down the hill across a man-made lake of water. Those who have skillz, make it across the pond and don't get wet. Those who are new, or rock a flip, spin, or other trick, typically land in the water, which by the looks on their faces had to be in the 32 - 42 degrees range. Yikes!

Watched the contest for a while and then headed for the bars. A couple were just way too crowded, so I picked the Red Lion. We ended up a table that had been reserved, but the party didn't show up. Sat down and ordered, and waited. Then the waiter told us that the party had showed up and we'd have to move. But, the owner was going to pay our entire bill for the rest of the night. SCORE! We ordered lots of shots and drinks and ended up only having to move over one table. The place got super crazy crowded and we had a great time. We realized it was getting kind of late and headed over for Ford Amphitheater. We got there just in time. Within 10 minutes of being there Kid Rock went on. There were no strippers or pyrotechnics...but there were Bicardi Girls in blow-up snow globes.

The show was AWESOME! We kept calling everyone so they could hear some of it. He even did a cover of "Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry. It was the perfect night too. Wasn't cold at all. It was a good crowd and a fantastic show!

Photos are here.

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